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We provide smarter building solutions for your property!

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Our Credibility

With over 35 years of experience, Century BSI has become a leader at the Sealant Waterproofing Restoration Institute (SWRI) earning the industry’s top award for the full building restoration at 1301 Dove Street.

Our Services

Century BSI is an industry leader in technological, innovative and overall smarter building solutions; from waterproofing to structural repairs, our goal is to add value by preserving your property assets.


Here’s a glimpse of our crews working on some of the most dramatic projects in southern California, such as the Christ Cathedral and OUE Skyspace.





All of our estimators use a “customer-oriented” approach to waterproofing and restoration so that we only bid the work you need. We analyze the way your building is built so that we can choose the proper method to fix the real problem versus our competitors who don’t know a “stack” joint from a “stick” wall and simply caulk every crack in sight, leaving an unsightly mess that often doesn’t stop the leak. We know that a satisfied customer means frequent referrals that have resulted in a customer list that includes the best real estate managers in the industry, who give Century Building Solutions, Inc. their largest and most important jobs.

1. Safety – to establish and maintain the best safety program in our business.

2. Quality – provide technical excellence in form and function.

3. Production – consistent effort to produce value and maintain accurate schedules.

4. Documentation – the best documentation of safety, records and warranty support.

Diligent Preparation + Excellent Workmanship + Competitive Cost = VALUE!

Having previously operated five branches in the major cities of the U.S and three branches in Asia, Century Building Solutions, Inc. now concentrates our efforts only in the Southwest USA, making us the most over-qualified exterior restoration company in Los Angeles; but we like it that way. Our customers benefit from our extensive knowledge that results in competitive bids, excellent project management and fast completion schedules.
So, whether you need work on a 100-story high rise tower or a small commercial building, Century Building Solutions will use our expertise to offer excellent work at reasonable cost that will make both you and your building look good! The next time your building needs caulking, concrete repairs, specialty finishes, waterproof coatings, or simply a facelift, we can estimate exactly what you need to protect, beautify or restore your valuable property.

We aim to create smarter, better technical building solutions that will last for generations to come.

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