Century Building Solutions, Inc.
10637 Midway Ave
Cerritos, CA 90703

Univision Television Group

The 174,084 square foot office building for the television broadcasting station Univision
Location Los Angeles, CA 90045
Scope Of Work Waterproofing, Glazing
Schedule 2017

Project Detail

Upon inspection, it was clear that the leaks were coming from water collecting on the lower section of the atrium. In this section, the plastic “greenhouse” panels had fractures that were allowing water to trickle in and build up in certain areas. Due to the deterioration of the aged plastic, the work had to be done without putting any weight on the panels. CBSI worked out a safe access system using a combination of aluminum planks, a boom lift and a swing stage.


Work Done – CBSI began by removing the existing sealants at the ends of the plastic greenhouse panels and carefully removing the panels above the areas that exhibit leaking. This was followed by an inspection of the top of the atrium glazing to determine the source of the leaking and seal as required. Afterwards the plastic greenhouse panels were re-installed and a 1” wide, clear extruded silicone tape was applied over the interstice of the adjacent panels and any horizontal fractures to completely seal the panel. In addition to that work done CBSI also installed the silicone tape to all greenhouse panels and fractures to provide a completely sealed system as well as anchoring all the panels in place during high wind loads.

Safety System – In order to access the work that needed to be done without putting weight on the panels a safety rig was created using 28’ aluminum planks that were light enough to lay across the atrium. This plank was placed using a combination of a swing-stage from the roof and a 65’ articulating boom lift that is placed on the exterior plaza area of the west atrium entry. A cable was installed over the atrium and mounted to the swing-stage and adjacent parking structure to provide a “dog-line” for proper fall safety restraint.