Century Building Solutions, Inc.
10637 Midway Ave
Cerritos, CA 90703

OUE Skyspace LA

air observation deck providing 360 degree views of the city & a unique all glass slide 1,000 feet above Los Angeles
Location Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90071
Scope Of Work Granite, Caulking
Schedule 2016

Project Detail

Project Summary

Formerly the Library Tower & First Interstate Bank World Center, this 73-story skyscraper is the home of the Sky slide, an outdoor glass slide, positioned nearly 1,000 feet above Downtown Los Angeles

Work Done –

Caulking – CBSI handled the caulking work on the Skyslide which consisted of the installation of two 30-foot silicone extrusions in order to conceal the cables that ran alongside the edge. It started by positioning the cables as straight as possible in order to produce a clean seal. Afterwards the L-angle silicone extrusion was placed with the leg facing the center of the glass. This placement allowed for a backer rod and a bead of Dow Corning 795 to be placed along the outer edge which adhered the silicone extrusion to the metal edge.

Granite – The granite work took place on the 70th and 69th floors of the US Bank Tower. Using the buildings existing swing-stage equipment, our crew accessed the locations on the exterior wall to cut the stone façade according to the layout provided. After the new steel supports were completed our crew returned to replace the stone pieces around the new protrusions. The stone was cut and installed using metal pins and epoxy anchoring adhesive.

Safety System – With our crew hanging roughly 70 stories in the air safety was, as always, our number one concern. The US Bank Tower had a preexisting swing-stage rig which facilitated our safety protocols and each of our crew was harnessed at all times.