Century Building Solutions, Inc.
10637 Midway Ave
Cerritos, CA 90703


A 459,770 square-foot, Class A office building that houses Dreamworks Animation Studios.
Location Glendale, CA 91201
Scope Of Work Kitchen Floor Coating
Schedule 2010

Project Detail


CBSI’s overall goal here was to remove the existing flooring system around the fryers in the kitchen and apply a new chemical resistant seamless flooring system.

Floor Coating – As with any job we began with diligent preparation and cleaning of the surrounding area. Any surfaces contaminated with oil or grease shall be vigorously scrubbed with a power broom and a strong, non-sudsing detergent. Areas where oil or other contaminants penetrate deep into the concrete required removal by mechanical methods. The existing floor was removed with the help of diamond blade grinders and scrapers. The first coating we laid down was a self-level grade. This layer was made of a resin and powder blend and it not only lays a foundation for the coating but it also levels the floor to create an even and smooth surface. The second step consists of aggregate which is a blended silica quartz that is poured over the still fresh self-level resin. After curing any excess aggregate is removed and the surface is lightly sanded with a circular floor sander to remove loose aggregate in the rougher areas of the floor. Finally, the top coat is added, which is a pigmented substrate that is allowed to cure for 8-12 hours. The end result is a durable and beautiful floor that withstands anything a kitchen setting will throw at it for years to come.