Century Building Solutions, Inc.
10637 Midway Ave
Cerritos, CA 90703

City National Plaza

Twin 52 story office towers and 3-story low-rise with granite panel cladding and bronze anodized punchout windows.
Client : City National Bank
Location Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Scope Of Work Caulking Waterproofing, Metal Restoration, Traffic Coating

Project Detail

Caulking and Metal Restoration – This is the largest remedial caulking project using state-of-the-art Dow Corning 756 SMS “non-staining” silicone sealant requiring the removal and replacement of over 125 miles of caulking and 100,000 lineal feet of window frame metal restoration. Century Building Solutions, Inc. completed this project over two years with a crew averaging eighteen men on four to six swingstages. The work was done on schedule with only one Change Order representing 0.8% of the contract value.

PCB Hazardous Waste Handling – The existing sealant was an old polysulfide that contained PCB plasticizers requiring specialized “Extremely Hazardous Waste” handling during removal, containment, transportation and incineration at Aptos, Utah. Century Building Solutions, Inc. has completed three PCB high-rise office tower projects requiring a Waste Management Plan documenting the procedures and disposal to eliminate future liability for the Owners of the buildings.

Custom rigging access – In conjunction with our access vendors, Century Building Solutions, Inc. specified, fabricated and supplied custom temporary access swingstages to facilitate the work schedule in order to safely access the 700’ tall towers. Our experience in “super tall” buildings around the world was critical to accommodate the problematic issues of power, safety, pedestrian protection, and roof equipment without a single safety issue.

Safety – Century Building Solutions, Inc. worked with the Cal-OSHA Consultation Program to certify our methods and safety protocols to the highest standard of recognition and compliance.

Granite and roof repairs – When lightning struck the building during the winter of 2006, Century Building Solutions, Inc. coordinated investigation of the damage with the JA Weir & Associates and provided repairs to the granite cladding with stone “Dutchman” and stainless steel pins. Additionally, at the low-rise “Jewelbox” between the towers, CBSI repaired roof tiles, cleaned the remaining roof areas, waterproofed the stairwells and applied a polymerizing silicone sealer.

Balcony pedestrian traffic coatings – Century Building Solutions, Inc. was asked to return to the project and renovate the pedestrian traffic coatings at the balcony decks, removing the “Dex-o-Tex” style troweled deck surface, re-sloping the topping slab with trowelable fast-cure polyurethane aggregate mix, then applying a Neogard Pedagard pedestrian traffic coating in a tan color to match adjacent substrates.

Mechanical room coatings – CBSI used “low-odor” mechanical room coatings to waterproof and beautify the interior mechanical rooms that had been a long-time source of leaks. The project required complicated surface preparation protocols to remove linoleum tiles and glue, then shot-blast and prime areas with many penetrations and mechanical equipment pads.