Century Building Solutions, Inc.
10637 Midway Ave
Cerritos, CA 90703

Christ Cathedral

Largest glass building in the world with 10,000 rectangular panes of glass
Location Garden Grove, CA 92840
Scope Of Work Structural Glazing, Caulking
Schedule 2017

Project Detail

With the long history of the Christ Cathedral, we consider it a blessing to have the opportunity to work on such a grandiose building and leave our mark on the Catholic community. This project involved, not only a complete re-glazing and waterproofing of the structure, but also a redesign for the glass panes that surround the building. Having previously been a hazardous liability, we have now made these windows much safer with stronger frames and by adding a bead of silicone around the inside and outside

Window Redesign – The original bids for the restoration of the Christ Cathedral (formerly Crystal Cathedral) had been costly and many feared the liability issues with the glass pane design. It wasn’t until Century Building Solutions, Inc. came along with an innovative and cost-effective solution that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange finally made its choice. This solution was a redesign of the windows’ frame. Previously the thin frame surrounding the panes was secured with a single bead of silicone along the outer edge. The new design now has a wider frame that we had custom made and is secured by the same outer bead of silicone as well as an additional inner bead to fully seal the glass in its place.

Caulking – Our crew worked on a series of different rigs, from boom-lifts to crane held swing stages, in order to be able to reach all areas of the building. The process began with removal of the previous panes and the silicone which held the glass in place. Afterwards, they were fitted into our newly designed frames which had to be custom extruded. Once placed in the frames they were resealed with a new bead of silicone on both the inside and outside.

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