Century Building Solutions, Inc.
10637 Midway Ave
Cerritos, CA 90703

1301 Dove Street

10-story, Class A multi-tenant office building * Winner of the 2017 SWRI Trinity Award
Location 1301 Dove St., Newport Beach
Scope Of Work Painting, Caulking
Schedule 2016

Project Detail

One Newport Place showcases some of CBSI’s best work yet in Painting and Caulking, having been awarded the Trinity Award courtesy of the Sealant Waterproofing Restoration Institute (SWRI).

Forensic Investigation – Century Building Solutions, Inc.  was called in to fix a leak on some of the paneling on the side of the building. Upon water testing a variety of other issues presented themselves. Not only was the building leaking due to shifting panels that would tear the silicone but it was also reaching blistering heat (124˚) on days mildly warm days (low 70s). These problems were creating a domino effect of disasters for the structure and with a limited budget the property owners could not initiate a complete remediation. Rather than continuously paying for small jobs every few months they decided to go with a complete restoration that would last them much longer and save them money in the long run.

Obstacles – There were a variety of issues that presented themselves during the process. We had everything from weather issues with morning dew limiting work on the lower levels, noise and odor complaints from the occupants of the building, working around the issues in design, and avoiding getting debris on the nearby buildings and cars. We took whatever necessary steps to work around these issues especially those related to tenants. At CBSI we understand that construction related noise and odors are distracting and can affect productivity, so in order to avoid those issues we switched to night-shifts and weekend work for specific tasks like sanding and painting.

Sanding and Painting- Paint removal of any sort always comes down to two questions, chemical or mechanical. Chemical removal is a much quicker and less tedious process that can save time and money in most cases. Mechanical removal refers to sanding which is labor intensive and takes significantly longer than chemical removal. While chemical removal is the answer to most situations it unfortunately wasn’t the case here. The remover did not live up to its claims and we found we had better control of the removal process with the manual sanders.

                After the removal process was decided CBSI had to find the painting method that worked best for the building. It was between spraying on the paint, which can cover a large area quickly and very easily, or Rolling, which would take longer and could have a “tiger stripping” effect if not properly applied. Spraying also presented the issue of drifting paint and debris on the surrounding property and on tenant’s vehicles nearby. Although CBSI decided against spraying it was decided to use the method for the first two floors and use rollers for the rest. Our crew developed a process to avoid “tiger stripping” and we provided a smooth and consistent paintjob throughout the building.

Caulking – The sections of silicone between the panels were in a constant game of tug of war due to the heat causing roughly one inch of movement each day. The previous solution would caulk the gap but after some pulling it would quickly come undone and the leaking would resume. Our solution was a U trench shaped silicone extrusion ( ∪ ) which kept a weatherproof seal and would hold itself in place with the outreaching arms. This also minimized movement between the panels and with the new choice in paint color there would be a significant reduction in heat buildup.