Century Building Solutions, Inc.
10637 Midway Ave
Cerritos, CA 90703

12655 Jefferson

A 6 story, Class A office building with 88,215 square-feet of space.
Location Los Angeles, CA 90066
Scope Of Work Traffic Coating, Caulking, Waterproofing, Painting
Schedule 2015

Project Detail

Work Done

Traffic Coating – Preparation of the concrete prior to coating is important for material adhesion in all coating applications. At the base plate locations, we installed a 45 mil thick coat of CIM 1000 and topped it with EPDM reinforced membrane. After post placement, the perimeter edges, base plates and bolt penetrations, were caulked with Sikaflex 1A urethane sealant. Then 2 coats of CIM 1000 fluid applied urethane was added to the remaining area and carried over the baseplate. By going over the baseplate a weather seal is created and it also makes a nice transition from the new coating to the preexisting floor.

Exterior Caulking – A proper caulking job begins with the removal of the existing sealant at the perimeter of the glazing frame and all panel-to-panel joinery. For this job, it was also important to grind the edges of the lightweight concrete panels to remove surface contamination as well as cleaning any other surfaces to be caulked. All glass and frames were masked as required to provide an even sightline and straight edge of sealant on all vision glass. Backer rods were installed as necessary to apply silicone sealant in a proper configuration, tooling smooth in a slightly concave fashion to form a continuous weather seal. Trim the edge of gasket back to glass at the exterior trim lip at glazing pocket. The interior portion was left to provide proper spacing between glass and glazing frame. A professional grade black medium-modulus silicone glazing sealant was applied in a fillet bead between glass and glazing frame with a minimum of ¼ inch bond line at both glass and metal frame. This silicone was tooled to provide a smooth, flush, and continuous seal. Afterwards a bridge sealant joint bead of medium-modulus silicone sealant in precast white color was applied at the splice joint of the glazing frame. By using bond-breaker tape, if required, all remaining frame-to-frame joints were sealed and tooled to provide that same smooth finish as the black silicone, including on head and sill can receivers. The last step was to remove the masking and leave the work area in a clean and professional condition.