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Caulking & Waterproofing

Seal your investments from the elements.

Caulking & Waterproofing

As original building sealants weather and age, urethane sealants will “revert” (liquefy and ooze out of joints) or become dry and brittle, and vinyl gaskets and seals will shrink and expose air gaps. Joint sealants are further damaged by movement due to wind loads, thermal cycling and even earthquakes. Birds have even been known to peck at and eat caulking on parapet cap joints. As sealants and joints begin to fail, water enters through the cracks and holes, causing up to thousands of dollars in damage.

The amount and severity of damage can increase dramatically if remedial caulking & waterproofing is deferred — minor drywall and ceiling tile damage can lead to concerns about corrosion and degradation of structural steel frames and fasteners, and concrete reinforcing rods (rebar).

The solution is often to remove the failing sealant, clean, the joint surfaces, prime, if necessary, and finally apply, then tool the new sealant. Proper joint specifications, training, experience, and good supervision are all needed in order to properly caulk and waterproof. At Century Building Solutions, Inc., our project team will ensure that our skilled technicians achieve consistently excellent results.

Once water enters a building through any opening, it can reach structural beams, ductwork and/or ceiling grids, then migrate further inside the building, making it difficult to find leak sources. Failed parapet cap joints are notorious for causing damage to interior office spaces. It is not unusual for a client to contact us regarding water damage on a certain floor and upon investigation, we find that the water is entering through a failed joint many floors above the damaged area. Our ability to find, then properly address leak sources will be a key factor in successfully completing your caulking & waterproofing projects.

Our Project Manager & Field Specialist can help you with inspections, water penetration tests, recommendations, reports & specifications.  We can also bring product manufacturers’ experts (GE, Dow Corning, Sika, Vulkem, etc.) to your project to support leak source investigation, identification, and material specification.

We can perform field tests in conjunction with manufacturers’ lab tests in order to assist in development of remediation specifications for various joint types, dimensions and materials. Then, we can provide you with a detailed scope of work and cost. Finally, our experience crews can complete any remedial caulking or waterproofing project according to your budget and schedule.

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