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Metal & Curtain Wall Restoration

Stop corrosion and repair damage to restore the beauty of your metal

Metal & Curtain Wall Restoration

When exterior aluminum mullions and panels start to weather, they lose color and luster and buildings look aged and worn. Oxidation causes pits and crevices to appear and grow. Metal restoration stops corrosion and renews the appearance of the aluminum.  Since meticulous preparation and application are required to achieve superior results, servicing aluminum demands the kind of high-quality workmanship and expertise that Century Building Solutions, Inc. has built its reputation upon.

Our professionally trained and experience technicians utilize special cleaners and protective coatings to restore the luster to anodized and natural Aluminum. First, we block the surface to render it smooth and free of oxidation and airborne contaminates. We then wash it with brighteners to restore the color. Finally, we apply a sealer to prevent further oxidation and to preserve the restored color & luster. Regular maintenance is recommended to minimize any future metal restoration requirements.

Building curtain walls typically go for extended periods of time before they are cleaned and restored. Over time they are subjected to several types of atmospheric pollutants and weather. Restoring curtain walls is a very time consuming, and labor intensive process.

Curtain walls are constructed out of a variety of materials including: concrete, masonry, stone, natural, anodized & coated aluminum, steel and glass. The restoration process requires the use of materials and equipment that should only be used by trained professionals.  Aluminum can usually be re-surfaced and sealed, however, we have had to use paint to achieve the desired appearance. Concrete, masonry and stone surfaces are treated with specialized cleaners to remove stains (nearby metal and glass surfaces are protected), and then the surfaces are high/low pressure cleaned and are ready to be sealed.

Once the restoration is completed, the building can look like new. Century Building Solutions, Inc. technicians are ready to perform your curtain wall cleaning, restoration and maintenance projects — call us and schedule a free test.

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